On this day in 1985, Hagler vs Hearns, two middleweight greats fought in what is known as one of the best world title fights ever and producing quite possibly, the greatest round in boxing history.

Hagler vs Hearns was watched by 15,000 fans from inside Caesars Palace, Las Vegas with both men reported to be earning over $5 million. Undisputed champion Marvellous Marvin Hagler came in with a record of 60-2-2 with 50 wins by way of knockout, up against challenger Tommy Hearns who was 40-1. His only defeat coming at the hands of Sugar Ray Leonard in a dramatic 14th round stoppage a few years earlier.

Hagler pushed the pace of the fight from the opening bell which certainly surprised Hearns who was expecting Hagler to come out with his usual slow start as we saw against the likes of Roberto Duran. The opposite happened in fact. Rather than Hearns keeping the fight at a distance, boxing on the outside and dictating the style of the fight, Hagler immediately attacked Hearns with real intent and aggression which forced a ferocious back and forth exchange producing an unbelievable first round.

Hagler, the naturally bigger man continued to press and Hearns was unable to “stick and move” as his trainer Steward wanted. And so instead, he continued to fight fire with fire, throwing back bombs of his own causing a cut above Hagler’s eye, which twice the doctor took a good look at. If the fight had lasted much longer, we may have seen a very different ending but Hagler turned the screw in the third and sent a staggering Tommy Hearns to the canvas.

The fight itself lasted less than 8 minutes and although the quick ending, fans knew they had been present at a historic event, one of the most thrilling fights of all time that one would be talked about decades later. If you ask fans today to name their favourite fights ever – this one is often mentioned above all others!

Enjoy our HD edited highlights below…


Date – 15th April 1985
Broadcaster – HBO
Promoter – Bob Arum
Venue – Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

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