Boxing Guru review SparBar’s latest 3.0 version of their free-standing product and it doesn’t disappoint!

Firstly, the product comes in a nicely branded black box and has a minimal amount of parts inside which means assembly is easy and takes less than 10 minutes. Start by removing the Spar Bar branded base from the box and secure the ‘plastic base fitting’ on top using the screws provided and tighten using the allen key. Place the black end of the pole (with SPARBAR writing pointing down) into the hole of the ‘plastic base fitting’. Set the SparBar to your desired height by pulling up the grey pole and then secure using the plastic screw fitting into the designated hole. Next, put the larger metal attachment onto the top of the grey pole and then place the Spar Bar arm on. If you are using the head target, simply attach by screwing the head onto the top. If you are not using the head target, screw the smaller metal attachment into the top to complete. Finally, the cap in the base is found underneath the branded cover – you can either fill using sand or water.

The overall quality of the 3.0 product has hugely improved from the previous version which Boxing Guru reviewed back in 2018. The parts, fixtures and fittings are much more durable & solid and so the product’s longevity is much improved and is able withstand more punishment – particularly if used in gyms. Spar Bar have put their product through rigorous testing which has resulted in a far superior product and led to a redesign of the arm to enhance its safety performance.

The SparBar is a great tool to compliment your training, whether you’re a keen boxer or looking to improve your fitness. With practice, it will help to improve your speed, timing and endurance, punch accuracy, distance control and certain aspects of your defence. For power, we would recommend to use punch bags instead – the heavy bag or the hugely popular Aqua bags are great for this.

It speak volumes that so many stars have endorsed SparBar – Roy Jones Jr, Michael Bisping have signed this week with many more of the biggest names in boxing and MMA (past & present), so watch this space… more announcements coming soon. SparBar is also officially endorsed by Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame.

This summer, SparBar are planning on launching a full range of merchandise, including 8 styles of gloves, a range of apparel and a new range punchbags.

You can get 10% off any Spar Bar products using code BOXINGGURU.


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