Boxing Guru take a look back at some of Mike Tyson’s greatest knockouts and have picked out 4 beauty’s for you to watch from his early days…

Knockout 1 vs Don Halpin – 23rd of May, 1985:

This was just Tyson’s third outing as pro from the Empire State Plaza Convention Center in New York. Commentary reveal Tyson’s trainer Cus D’Amato was already touting his man as a potential world beater. He was not wrong. Tyson showed maturity and patience early on to outbox his opponent, before turning the screw in the 4th round and sending Halpin to the canvas. Tyson brought out his savage side knocking out Halpin just seconds after his opponent made the count and then delivered an uppercut whilst he was already down for good measure.

Knockout 2 vs Michael Johnson – 5th of September, 1985:

Tyson was now 7-0 and quickly developing a reputation. Scheduled for 6 rounds, Tyson started aggressively and produced a vicious left hook to the body just 22 seconds into the first round which sent Thompson down. After making it back to his feet and beating the count, Tyson walked in with a devastating right-hand knockout to end the bout after just 37 seconds.

Knockout 3 vs Eddie Richardson – 13th of November, 1985:

Trainer Cuz D’Amato who become Tyson’s close guide and mentor died just days before this bout which hit Tyson hard and created instability for his future. It was Tyson’s 12th bout of the year and he was in no mood for contrition. Richardson was knocked down with Tyson’s first punch just 7 seconds in and then finished the fight with a left hook which flew Richardson halfway across the ring. Tyson would go on to fight 3 more times in 1985, totalling 15 bouts in his first year as pro.

Knockout 4 vs Steve Zouski – 10th of March, 1986:

Tyson’s standout knockout in 1986 came against was against Steve Zouski who had previously been in with some decent names and never before sent to the canvas. Tyson was now 18-0 and was surprisingly taken into round 3 before delivering a brutal uppercut to end the contest. Tyson only had 8 more bouts after this before he got his shot at the world title against Trevor Berbick- and the rest is history!


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