Tomorrow night, Dillian Whyte  seeks revenge as he faces Alexander Povetkin at the Europa Point Sports Complex in Gibraltar. With both pride and the WBC Interim world heavyweight title on the line, ‘The Rumble On The Rock’ is the sequel to one 2020’s most dramatic fights.

A recap on what went down last August:

Alexander Povetkin produced the knockout of his career to take a step closer to the WBC world heavyweight title with an enthralling victory over Dillian Whyte at the Matchroom Headquarters.

The finale to Matchroom’s Fight Camp series, the White Lion was twice dropped by the Body Snatcher in the fourth round, only to shock the world and put down the Brixton Brawler in the fifth – Savagely ending Whyte’s 11 win streak as the WBC’s number one contender and mandatory challenger.

On a breezy evening in Essex, Whyte hit the canvas like a strong wind had caught him off guard. The Russian dropped to the side, ducked underneath his opponents’ elbow, and unleashed the crispest left upper imaginable. Cleanly sending Whyte flying, Povetkin pulled off a sensational upset. Heavyweight boxing summed up to a tee!

For a guaranteed shot at the WBC title against the winner of Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder three, the five rounds of boxing on display were arguably the best this year.

Eight years younger than Povetkin, two pounds lighter and the bookies favorite, Whyte from the very beginning appeared measured and able to hold his own. This Vityaz’ 39th bout, the 40-year-old began the fight looking both sharp and focused.


Round One

The first round went to Povetkin. Trading jabs, hooks, and blows to the body, Russia’s former Olympic Gold medallist set the pace in the opening three minutes. Swaying at the waist, bowling over-hand rights and getting through with left hooks, a busy start for the Eastern European proved the experience of a warrior used to fighting bigger men and giving away weight.

With Tony Bellew’s head coach Dave Coldwell in his corner, Whyte took no chances in the first. Flicking out jabs and beginning on Povetkin’s body whilst keeping his gloves held high, it was clear that a smart fight was being fought.

Round Two

The round of the left hand, the second was difficult to call. Whyte 18 pounds lighter than when he beat Mariusz Wach, continued landing to the body, a hurtful left-hand jab forcing Povetkin back to his corner and a clean right hand to the chin shaking the veteran boxer. An assured opening couple of rounds for Whyte, Povetkin still made sure that his rival went back to the corner scathed – a sharp left hook a subtle warning from Vityaz.

Round Three

The beginning of the end for Povetkin in the third, the former WBA champion who had only ever been knocked out once before, began showing signs of weakness. His legs shaking and visibly uncomfortable with a bruise under his right eye, a disguised right hand in retaliation, and a powerful left to Whyte’s body was not enough to win the Russian the round.

Round Four

Round four was where it all went crazy! Whyte aimed to make a resounding statement – After almost three years of waiting for his first-ever world title shot, this was his time. Putting Povetkin down twice, Whyte badly hurt the powerful underdog. Povetkin tried to fight back off the ropes but simply could not put out the fire.

Showcasing his agility and speed, Whyte had the White Lion down on one knee early on! Catching Povetkin with a short-left hook, an excellent Body Snatcher display highlighted the relentless work that had gone into what looked a polished performance.

All eyes were on the referee with 15 seconds to go. Whyte with a left uppercut off the ropes had Povetkin on the canvas for a second time – A matter of when not if for the 32-year-old.

Round Five

Or so we thought! One of the most unbelievable and unlikely turn arounds in boxing history, Povetkin stunned the world. One punch and it’s over – the element of heavyweight boxing that makes the division so spectacular.

Dropping Whyte like a tonne of bricks, Povetkin unleashed a left upper that caught his opponent perfectly on the chin. Thought to be down and out at the end of round four, Sasha who we all completely wrote off will now step up for another shot at the WBC title having effortlessly floored a hard as nails Body Snatcher.

A smash and grab victory for the Russian and a crushing defeat for a fighter who had to wait over 1000 days for a chance to challenge at the top, the final showdown in Matchroom’s Fight Camp series was everything we wanted and more. One punch changed everything!


Alexander Povetkin:

“I didn’t think I would finish the fight like I did.

“I was confident even in the fourth round and I took into account that Whyte missed several uppercuts on the left and the right.

“The knock out was probably the best uppercut of my career.”

Dillian Whyte:

“It’s one of those things where he just landed. I was bossing it.

“It is what it is. We’ll have a rematch, it’s all good.

“That’s what heavyweight boxing is about.”

Eddie Hearn:

“I can’t quite believe it to be honest with you. When the punch landed, I felt like I was in some dream.

“One punch can change everything and tonight it did. It changed the fight.

“It is a shock because Dillian Whyte had that fight in the bag. It was a thrilling knockout on a thrilling night and I’m pretty much lost for words.”

Anthony Joshua:

“It’s a dangerous sport but we love it. Well done to Povetkin. Dillian dust yourself off champ. Come back again and don’t worry about what anyone says.”

Tony Bellew:

“Povetkin showed how elite heavyweights fight. They recover, they recuperate and mean business when they get back up. This is the pure drama of the heavyweight division.”

Natasha Jonas:

“It’s heartbreaking for Whyte. He now has to go away, regroup, come back and get on with it.”


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