Floyd Mayweather has lashed out after being ranked behind Sugar Ray Leonard in an all-time welterweight ranking list.

The furious 43-year-old claimed Leonard doesn’t deserve the number 1 spot because he lost to a lightweight in Roberto Duran.

Mayweather ranted: “It was crazy, someone sent me something about the best welterweights. They had Sugar Ray Leonard No.1. Like I said before, he was the guy that paved the way for myself. But how can you have a guy ranked No.1 when his first loss was to a lightweight, Roberto Duran?”

Both fighters are two of the best to have ever entered the ring. It’s perhaps the greatest boxer of the 20th century vs the greatest boxer of the 21st century. Some critics who compare resumes believe Mayweather was more selective. Sugar Ray faced the likes of Wilfred Benitez, Roberto Duran, Marvin Hagler, and Tommy Hearns during his careeer – all of whom were Hall of Famers in their prime.

Mayweather responded to the ‘so-called boxing experts’ who criticize his resume. On the topic of Canelo Alvarez being inexperienced at the time of their bout – Mayweather argued they had had a similar amount of fights when they entered the ring. “If you’re an expert, you’ve gotta really do your homework before you speak on certain things about boxing.” – a frustrated Mayweather said. Check out the full interview below.

Boxing Guru asked their fans back in 2018 who would win this dream fantasy matchup between Floyd Mayweather and Sugar Ray Leonard. With over 3000 votes, the pair could hardly be split with Sugar Ray picking up 51% of the votes to Floyd’s 49%.

Here were some of the comments from fans around the world…

Jocknest: These comments are laughable. How can you say Ray will beat Floyd? There’s really no blueprint on how to defeat Floyd cause he’s never been defeated.

Bigdolo: Most throwback fans will automatically pick Sugar Ray… but if you really think objectively and give Floyd the credit he deserves, it’s not an easy fight for Leonard. Sugar was a boxer/puncher and Floyd has shown the ability to handle that style well. Even though he never faced one quite as good as Leonard.

Dgoozmahn: Ray would never give up and would eventually figure out Floyd’s timing, clinch, and feints. Too much stamina, heart, chin, power, speed, and smarts.



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