The Past Week in Action


– Brian Castano outpoints champion Patrick Teixeira to win the WBO super welterweight title

– Joel Diaz fails to make the weight so loses his IBF super featherweight title but the fight against Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov goes ahead and finishes in a majority draw so the title remains vacant

– Former IBF lightweight champion Richard Commey returns to action with stoppage of Jackson Marinez

– Mexican Mauricio Lara springs a major surprise as he stops unbeaten former IBF featherweight champion Josh Warrington in nine rounds

– Huge controversy over the scoring as Zelfa Barrett outpoints Kiko Martinez

– Leigh Wood wins the vacant British Featherweight title with stoppage of Reece Mould.

– Ronny Rios and Azat Hovhannisyan keep their title hopes alive with comfortable wins

– Adam Lopez takes majority decision over Jason Sanchez and heavyweight prospect Jarred Anderson makes it eight inside the distance wins in eight fights.


World Title/Major Shows

13th February

Indio, CA, USA:

Super Feather: Joseph Diaz (31-1-1) DREW 12 Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov (15-0-1)

Super Welter: Brian Castano (17-0-1) W PTS 12 Patrick Teixeira (31-2)

Super Bantam: Ronny Rios (33-3) W PTS 10 Oscar Negrete (19-3-2)

Super Bantam: Azat Hovhannisyan (19-3) W TKO 8 Enrique Bernache (24-13,1ND)

Middle: Shane Mosley Jr (17-3) W RTD 5 Cristian Olivas (20-8)

Diaz vs. Rakhimov

Diaz loses the IBF title on the scales as he comes in 3.6lbs over the limit but Rakhim fails to win the vacant title in a very close contest as the fight finishes as a majority draw

Round 1

Fast-paced start as Rakhimov took the fight to fellow-southpaw Diaz. Rakhimov was busier but Diaz was blocking well and was finding gaps. Diaz landed a quick right-left combination and just did enough to take a close round

Score: 10-9 Diaz

Round 2

Again Rakhimov was bustling forward throwing lots of punches from both hands. Diaz was cleverly blocking Rakhimov’s shots and countering well. Diaz rocked Rakhimov with a left and had Rakhimov under fire. Rakhimov staged a late rally but not enough to offset the more accurate work from Diaz.

Score: 10-9 Diaz. Diaz 20-18

Round 3

Rakhimov took this one. He was pumping out a continuous stream of punches. Not all of them landed and there was not a lot of power behind them but enough were getting through to allow him to dominate the exchanges in what was turning into an entertaining fight between two well-match boxers.

Score: 10-9 Rakhimov. Diaz 29-28

Round 4

Rakhimov continued to set a reckless pace. He was putting together five/six punch combinations and Diaz was having to spend time blocking or dodging the stream with little time to counter. When Diaz came on strong at the end of the round Rakhimov showed some good defensive skills.

Score: 10-9 Rakhimov. TIED 38-38

Round 5

Diaz changed tactics and took the fight to Rakhimov. He was coming in behind a high guard and connecting with right jabs and lefts to the head. Rakhimov was still throwing plenty of punches but Diaz’s guard was good enough to block most of them and Diaz landed some crisp lefts.

Score: 10-9 Diaz. Diaz 48-47

Round 6

Brilliant boxing from Rakhimov. He was now darting in landing four or five punches and then getting out before Diaz could counter. Diaz was stalking the fast-moving Rakhimov but unable to cut the ring off and Rakhimov continued his quick attacks with some success.

Score: 10-9 Rakhimov. TIED 57-57

Round 7

Rakhimov was again throwing bunches of punches with Diaz just looking to land big lefts. Diaz tried to up his own work rate as the round progressed but the quick footwork and sheer quantity of punches from Rakhimov gave him the edge.

Score: 10-9 Rakhimov. Rakhimov 67-66

Round 8

Diaz applied more pressure in this round. He began to find the range with his lefts to the head and rocked Rakhimov with a combination. That prompted Rakhimov to stand and fire back but Diaz got the better of the exchanges.

Score: 10-9 Diaz. Tied 76-76

Round 9

Diaz totally outworked Rakhimov in this round. He was coming forward and letting his punches go more than he had previously. Rakhimov’s punch output dropped as Diaz applied more and more pressure.

Score: 10-9 Diaz. Diaz 86-85

Round 10

Now Diaz was the one firing bursts of punches. He had discarded the high guard and was moving in firing punches with both hands. He was also anticipating Rakhimov’s attacks and either stepping back out of range or catching the oncoming Rakhimov with counters.

Score: 10-9 Diaz. Diaz 96-94

Round 11

A close round. Diaz started well coming forward and putting together some accurate combinations. He then seemed to tire and Rakhimov raked Diaz with a couple of lefts and just did enough to come out ahead.

Score: 10-9 Rakhimov. Diaz 105-104

Round 12

In a low-key last round Rakhimov simply outworked Diaz who never applied any real pressure and fought as though he was already confident of victory.

Score: 10-9 Rakhimov. TIED 114-114

Fighting for the first time since January 2020 Diaz was making the first defence of the IBF title and indicated he had weakened himself making the weight and is now likely to move up to the talent-packed lightweights. Tajik-born Russian “Shere Khan” Rakhimov will now be hoping to get another shot at the title.

Castano vs. Teixeira

Castano wins the WBO title with wide unanimous decision over champion Teixeira.  Castano was conceding height and reach to the tall Brazilian but from the first the ferocious Argentinian battler was fighting his way inside and pinning Teixeira to the ropes whilst unloading hooks and uppercuts. Teixeira just could not keep Castano out. He was firing counters particularly hard right hooks but Castano was blocking or just walking through the Brazilian’s punches and belabouring him to the body.

After four rounds Castano was in front 40-36 on two cards and 39-37 on the other. Teixeira managed to find some space to work in the fifth and early in the sixth and snapped back Castano’s head with some hooks but apart from that short period the pattern of the fight did not change much with the centre of the ring a “no man’s land” for Teixeira as Castano hustled and harried him around and around the perimeter of the ring. Teixeira had scored 22 inside the distance wins but his punches were just bouncing off Castano.

There are no clever tactics or Plan B for Castano just relentless pressure. Teixeira tried to stand and trade punches at the start of the eighth refusing to be driven back but he was getting the worse of the exchanges and by the end of the round Castano was rocking him with hooks and uppercuts. The snap had gone out of Teixeira’s punches and Castano had extended his lead being in front 80-72, 79-73 and 77-75. In the ninth Teixeira again tried to outpunch Castano but he was now the one walking onto counters.

Both fighters slowed in the tenth but Castano again regained control and he continued to dominate the action through the eleven and twelfth. Scores 120-108, 119-109 and 117-111 for Castano. After retaining the secondary WBA title with a draw against Erislandy the 31-year-old Argentinian relinquished the title over disputes regarding a return fight with Frenchman Michel Soro but is title holder again. Teixeira had originally won the interim title but was upgraded to secondary champion and this was his first defence.

Rios vs. Negrete

Rios too strong for a game Negrete and works his way to a wide unanimous decision. Rios was coming forward working the body from the first bell. Negrete was having to absorb some wicked hooks in the first but fought back hard in the second as they traded punches in the centre of the ring and Rios was cut over the left eye in a clash of heads. They went toe-to-toe for much of the third and fourth but Rios was the harder puncher and Negrete was getting the worse of the exchanges.

Over the middle rounds Rios continued to dominate with his superior power and the body punches slowly weakened Negrete. In the late rounds Negrete was walking forward throwing lots of punches but getting more and harder back from Rios and although tired he made it to the bell. Scores 100-90 twice and 99-91 for Rios. He is rebuilding well after losing to Rey Vargas in a challenge for the WBC super bantamweight title and a stoppage loss to Azat Hovhannisyan.

This is his fourth win including an impressive sixth round stoppage of unbeaten Diego de La Hoya. He is No 3 with the WBC. Yet another tough fight for Colombian Negrete who just lacked the power to match Rios.

Hovhannisyan vs. Bernache

With a title shot this year a strong possibility Hovhannisyan could not afford to take any chances against Bernache and in the end it proved an easy night for the Armenian. He took the opening round and then stamped his authority on the fight by flooring Bernache in the second. Heads clashed throughout the fight and both fighters were quickly showing facial damage but the stronger Hovhannisyan beat Bernache down and had him out on his feet in the eighth when the fight was halted.

Rated No 2 by the WBA and with five inside the distance wins on the trot, Hovhannisyan is keeping his name very much in the frame. It’s now three losses and a NO Decision in his last four fights for Mexican Bernache but he only lost on a split decision against Can Xu the current holder of the secondary WBA title at featherweight.

Mosley vs. Olivas

Mosley continues his strong run with a victory over Olivas. Mosley did most of the scoring and his accurate jabs quickly had a swelling developing by the right eye of Olivas. Mosley continued to make the injury his target over the fourth and fifth and with the swelling growing Oliva retired at the end of the fifth. The win gets Mosley the WBO NABO title belt with his seventh victory in his last eight fights. Mexican Olivas had won three of his last four and this is the first time he has lost inside the distance.

London, England:

Feather: Mauricio Lara (23-2) W TKO 9 Josh Warrington (30-1)

Feather: Leigh Wood  (24-2) W TKO 9 Reece Mould (13-1)

Super Feather: Zelfa Barrett (25-1) W PTS 12 Kiko Martinez (41-10-2)

Super Light: Dalton Smith (7-0) W RTD 3 Ishmael Ellis (11-4)

Lara vs. Warrington

Huge upset as Lara stops Warrington in the ninth round of a savage battle. Warrington tried to blow Lara away with a fierce attack in the first but Lara fired back and was scoring with left hooks to the body. Warrington was looking apprehensive in the second. He was landing some hard rights but Lara was putting him under pressure and scoring with left hooks and straight rights and worrying for Warrington Lara was out-jabbing him.

Warrington did better in the third  as he seemed to be getting into his stride but Lara was still dangerous with left hooks. A series of head punches from Lara had Warrington staggering in the fourth and a Lara left hook dropped him. Warrington got up but looked totally dazed and took more punishment before the bell. He staggered and stumbled on the way back to his corner and the fight should have been stopped then. Still looking a bit dazed Warrington battled back in the fifth and sixth as they traded shots.

The fight was fast-paced and entertaining but Warrington was going to war instead of boxing and although Lara was showing bumps around both eyes he was landing the harder punches. Warrington was rocked again with left hooks in the seventh and was on the back foot for most of the eighth. Not by choice but under the pressure from Lara. The growing lump under Lara’s left eye was threatening to hamper his vision and he was looking tired with his work sloppy at times.

Lara ended in the ninth as he connected with four successive left hooks to the head than sent Warrington down heavily and the referee immediately stopped the fight. Huge win for Lara. He was ranked 8 (7) by the IBF but had never faced a name opponent. Now he will be hoping to get an early shot at the winner of Kid Galahad vs. James Dickens for the vacant IBF title.

Warrington reportedly suffered a fractured jaw in the fight. Having relinquished the IBF title and now suffering this crushing defeat he needs to work out what went wrong and then fight his way back into contention

Wood vs. Mould

Wood wins the vacant British title as he proves to powerful for less experienced Mould. The first two rounds were close and Mould made his mark when he shook Wood with a strong left hook in the third. That was the high point for Mould. In the fourth a fierce attack from Wood had Mould reeling and rocking under a storm of punches until an uppercut put Mould down. He beat the count and survived to the bell but he was shaken and bloody.

Mould managed to stay competitive in the fifth and sixth but only just as Wood was in control and getting through with some hurtful shots. Mould began to fade badly in the seventh and took heavy punishment in the eighth. In the ninth as Mould set himself to throw a punch Wood got there first with a booming left hook that dropped Mould face first to the canvas. He struggled to his feet and the fight should have been stopped then but the referee decided to let Mould continue and Wood landed a series of punches that sent Mould down again and the fight was stopped.

Former Commonwealth champion Wood was rebounding from a majority decision loss against James Dickens in February last year where a win would have put him in line for a shot at the IBF title. This was just too big a leap in class for Mould.

Barrett vs. Martinez

Barrett gets hotly disputed unanimous decision over Martinez. Being much the smaller man Martinez was coming forward bobbing and weaving in the first with Barrett on the back foot firing jabs and with both fighters having some mild success. Martinez upped his pace in the second scoring with lefts and rights knocking Barrett into the ropes with Barrett doing more moving than punching.

Martinez was again coming forward in the third dodging Barrett’s jabs to get inside but Barrett evened things up with some quick hooks late in the round. The scene was the same in the fourth with Martinez doing the scoring but with Barrett stopping him in his tracks with a right before the bell. Neither fighter was about to change his tactics so Martinez was chasing Barrett down in the fifth and sixth getting through with left hooks. In the seventh a clash of heads saw Barrett’s troubles increase as it opened a cut over his right eye.

Martinez was attacking strongly in the eighth but Barrett started to catch him with quality counters. The ninth was Barrett’s best round so far as he was firing quick punches with both hands and not letting Martinez close the distance. Barrett was moving and jabbing in the tenth with Martinez chasing in vain slowing and being unable to pin Barrett down. The eleventh was close but Barrett put together some flashing combinations late in the round to edge it and for me he outboxed Martinez in the last.

I felt that Barrett’s stronger finish was not quite enough to swing the fight his way after Martinez had built a substantial lead over the first eight rounds-but then came the scores 118-110 twice and 116-113 all for Barrett. He moves to six wins in a row. Former IBF super bantamweight champion Martinez had won his last two fights and to me he made it three here. I did not agree with 116-113 so felt the other two scores were way out. Eddie Hearn was incensed saying that decisions like this will make it harder to get overseas boxers to come to Britain.

Smith vs. Ellis

Smith marches on as Ellis retires after three rounds. Smith handed out plenty of punishment over the first two rounds. Heavy rights from Smith had Ellis bloody and beaten and the retirement was a sensible decision. Six inside the distance victories in a row for the 24-year-old “Thunder”. Third loss in a row for Ellis.


Las Vegas, NV, USA.

Light: Richard Commey (30-3) W TKO 6 Jackson Marinez (19-2)

Feather: Adam Lopez (15-2) W PTS 10 Jason Sanchez (15-3)

Heavy: Jarred Anderson (8-0) W TKO 6 Kingsley Ibeh (5-2-1)

Middle: Troy Isley (1-0) W PTS 4 Bryant Costello (1-2)

Commey vs. Marinez

Commey batters Marinez to defeat to show he is still a force in the lightweight division. In his first fight for fourteen months Commey made a slow start but then gradually dialled up the pressure against Dominican Marinez. Once Commey was into his stride he was exerting heavy pressure putting Marinez on the back foot. Marinez stood his ground and traded punches occasionally but the danger in Commey’s rights forced Marinez to send most of the time on the back foot.

Commey was breaking Marinez down bit by bit and much of the fight had gone out of Marinez by the end of the fifth round. Marinez was holding more and more trying to smother Commey’s attacks. Commey ended it brutally in the sixth. He drove Marinez to the ropes and sent him to his knees with two big rights. Marinez made it to his feet but after the count Commey strolled across the ring and delivered a pile driver of a right cross that floored Marinez heavily and the referee dispensed with the count.

The former IBF champion was having his first fight since losing his title on a second round stoppage against Teo Lopez in December 2019 and is aiming for another title shot this year. Marinez was also coming of a loss after being beaten controversially on points by Rolando Romero for the WBA interim title in August.

Lopez vs. Sanchez

Lopez won the NABF title last year on a majority decision and in this entertaining and competitive fight he retained it on a majority decision. Sanchez went out in the lead but with Lopez clawing his way into the fight and building a slight lead of his own and then only just holding on to get the win.

Sanchez was the busier and Lopez the more accurate but all of the rounds were close and the decision could have gone to either fighter without much complaint. Scores 97-93 and 96-94 for Lopez and 95-95 which keeps alive Lopez’s hope of a title shot this year. He lost a majority verdict to current WBO super bantamweight champion Stephen Fulton and had Oscar Valdez on the floor in a non-title fight in 2019 so has form. Sanchez lost on points to Valdez for the  WBO title in June 2019. He was coming into this one on the back of a loss having been outpointed by Chris Diaz last June.

Anderson vs. Ibeh

Anderson notches up another inside the distance win. The unbeaten 6’4” prospect was taken past the fourth round for the first time and that gave him the chance to show that his boxing in developing nicely to compliment his undoubted power. He worked well with his jab against the unorthodox style of Ibeh and finished in style. In the sixth as Ibeh was swinging wildly Anderson landed two rights and a left hook which put Ibeh down flat on his back and the fight was waived off. The 21-year-old from Toledo has taken less than 18 rounds for his 8 wins. Ibeh was coming off a majority draw with unbeaten hope Guido Vianello.

Isley vs. Costello

Yet another top amateur moves into the professional ranks with Top Rank. Isley had too much of everything for inexperienced Costello. Isley showed impressive skills punching with power and outclassing Costello who had edges in height and reach but was never able to make use of them. Scores 40-36 to Isley on the three cards. The 22-year-old from Washington DC is one for the future. Puerto Rican Costello never in with a chance.

12th February

Hunlingham, Argentina:

Super Bantam: Alberto Melian (8-2) W RTD 9 Luis Molina (8-6-1)

Melian vs Molina

Former amateur star Melian wins the vacant WBA Fedebol title with victory over Molina. Melian was in control from the start being quicker and more accurate with his work. Molina soaked up plenty of punishment and only just survived a torrid fifth. Melian systematically dismantled Molina over the sixth, seventh and eighth and Molina did not come out for the ninth.

Now five inside the distance wins for Melian who competed at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. He won the Argentinian title in only his second pro fight but then lost decisions in the USA against Leonardo Baez and Oscar Negrete.  First loss by KO/TKO for Molina who is just a four and six round prelim fighter.

Livorno, Italy:

Super Bantam: Jonathan Sannino (13-1-1) W TKO 6 Giovanni Tagliola (7-6)

Sannino vs Tagliola

Home town fighter Sannino stops Tagliola in six to lift the vacant Italian title. Sannino started well circling the slower Tagliola and jumping in with quick attacks. From the second Tagliola exerted more pressure and connected with good hooks and uppercuts. Sannino slowed and changed his tactics trying to walk forward behind a high guard which allowed Tagliola to score with same hard hooks as Sannino advanced. Tagliola scored heavily with hooks and uppercuts digging hard to the body in the fourth but rights from Sannino sent Tagliola’s mouthguard flying at the end of the round. They traded punches throughout the fifth with Sannino now looking the stronger.

Tagliola was staggered by a left hook in the sixth and Sannino sensing his chance opened up with a fierce attack and with Tagliola pinned to the ropes Sannino connected with a huge right that sent Tagliola down heavily. He made it to his feet but was unsteady and the referee waived the fight over. Fourth win in a row for Sannino and second KO/TKO loss for Tagliola who was having his second shot at the title.

Merida, Mexico:

Super Feather:

Daniel Lugo (23-1) W PTS 10 Luis Guzman (8-15)

Super Light: Omar Salcido (12-0) W PTS 8 Jesus Acosta (15-1-1)

Lugo vs. Guzman

Lugo much too good for very late substitute Guzman.  After a slow opening round Lugo raked Guzman with body punches and handed out a steady beating to Guzman who bled heavily from the nose for much of the fight. Although outclassed Guzman refused to crumble and made it to the final bell. Scores 99-91 twice and 100-90 for Lugo. The Hermosillo fighter, often a sparring partner for Miguel Berchelt, extends his winning streak to 20. Guzman came in at less than 24 hours after Diego Andrade was ruled out by a positive COVD-19 test.

Salcido vs. Acosta

Salcido comes off the floor to win the war between undefeated fighters. Salcido was floored early by a left hook but recovered quickly and banged back to put Acosta down.  His superior power put him in front and Salcido decided the outcome with another knockdown to take the unanimous decision. Good test for the 21-year-old from Hermosillo. Acosta was up at eight rounds for the first time.

Orlando, FL, USA:

Welter: Shinard Bunch (13-1,1ND) W TKO 1 Ariel Vasquez (14-29-3)

Cruiser: Richard Rivera (19-0,1ND) W TKO 1 Ulisses Jimenez (24-27-1)

Super Light: Branden Pizarro (16-1-1) W TKO 1 DeWayne Wisdom (7-55-2)

Bunch vs. Vasquez

In a horrible mismatch New York prospect Bunch gets yet another first round win as he floors poor Vasquez twice then flattens him with a thunderous right cross with the referee not bothering to count. Now twelve inside the distance wins with eight coming in the first round for the 21-year-old from Queens. Nicaraguan Vasquez is 1-13-1 in his last 15 fights.

Rivera vs. Jimenez

Colourful “Popeye” Rivera makes it fourteen quick wins as he puts Jimenez down and out with a left hook to the head. All over in 69 seconds in another poor excuse for a match. Mexican Jimenez, 37, moves to 19 losses by KO/TKO.

Pizarro vs. Wisdom

Pizarro blows away feeble Wisdom inside a round. The 21-year-old hope from Pennsylvania drove Wisdom to the ropes and just kept unloading punches on the dreadfully inept Wisdom until the referee stopped the fight. Pizarro is 8-0-1 in his last 9 fights. Wisdom has now lost his last 19 fights.

13th February


Passso Corese, Italy:

Cruiser: Luca D’Ortenzi (15-1) W PYS 10 Matteo Rondena (9-6)

D’Ortenzi vs Rondena

D’Ortenzi decisions Rondena for his seventh win in a row and picks up the vacant IBO International belt. D’Ortenzi used his longer reach to control the early action scoring well with his left jab and counter rights. Rondena managed to get inside and had a good third round but D’Ortenzi was back in control in the fourth. The fifth was close with Rondena working hard but a left to the body had him in trouble in the sixth.

Rondena had some success over the closing rounds but D’Ortenzi’s better skills and accuracy saw him emerge a clear winner. Scores 96-94 twice and 99-91 all for D’Ortenzi who is a former undefeated Italian heavyweight champion. Second consecutive loss for Rondena as he was outpointed by Roman Fress for the vacant German International title in January last year.

Paniqui, Philippines:

Fly: Bienvenido Ligas (13-1-1) W PTS 12 Alphoe Dagayloan (14-3-6,1ND)

Super Feather: Charly Suarez (5-0) W PTS 10 Jon Jon Estrada (11-8-1)

Ligas vs. Dagayloan

Ligas just edges past Dagayloan in a scrap for the vacant Philippines title. Ligas looked on his way to an early victory as he staggered Dagayloan a couple of times in the first round. Dagayloan has yet to lose inside the distance and he came through that early crisis.

Despite Ligas having the better skills and the power southpaw Dagayloan was rolling forward applying plenty of pressure and taking the edge off the young prospect’s attacks. He made the fight close but a strong finish from Ligas was enough to get him the verdict. All three judges had it 115-113 for 22-year-old Ligas who has won his last seven fights. Dagayloan had lost only one of his last thirteen fights.

Suarez vs. Estrada

Former Olympian “King’s Warrior” Suarez gets in some useful ring time as he outpoints Estrada. Suarez was too quick and too skilful for Estrada and won all the way in a fight that lacked any real highlights. Scores 100-90 twice and 99-91 for Suarez. He had spent less than eight rounds registering his first four wins so effectively doubled his ring time here. Now 32 Suarez competed at the 2016 Olympics and the 2007,2009, and 2011 World Championships and is still a member of the Philippines amateur squad. Four losses in a row for Estrada.

Fight of the week (Significance): With the fight between Joseph Diaz and Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov ending in a draw the IBF title remains vacant leaving a gap at super featherweights to be filled

Fight of the week (Entertainment): Mauricio Lara vs. Josh Warrington provided quality competition all the way

Fighter of the week: Mauricio Lara for his upset win over Josh Warrington

Punch of the week: The straight right from Richard Commey that flattened Jackson Marinez

Upset of the week: Lara’s win over Warrington was a huge shock

Prospect watch: I would keep an eye on Troy Isley but a bit early to say how far he can go.

Observations: Not a good weekend for title fights.

Max Vlasov tested positive for COVID-19, leading to the cancellation of his fight against a disappointed Joe Smith for the vacant WBO light heavyweight title. Joseph Diaz failed to make the weight for his defence of the IBF super featherweight title against Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov.

The Philippines title fight between Bienvenido Ligas and Alphoe Dagayloan is the first use of the “bubble” approach to putting fights on there so hopefully it might lead to an increase in activity.

Eddie Hearn was very upset over the decision in the Zelfa Barrett vs. Kiko Martinez fight saying it might make it more difficult to get boxers to come to Britain. I guess you will just have to pay them more Eddie!

Christy Martin promoted the show in Orlando on Friday but I hope she was not responsible for the match making. Three fighters with combined records of 46-2-1 took less than a round each to put away three opponents with 108 losses between them but let’s not forget a Commission passed all three bouts as acceptable


Next Week:

17th February

Uncasville, CT, USA:

Super Middle: Vladimir Shishkin (11-0) vs. Sena Agbeko (23-1)

Welter: Janelson Figueroa Bocachica (16-0) vs. Mark Reyes Jr (14-0)

 19th February

Bolton, England:

Light: Sean McComb (11-0) vs. Gavin Gywnne (12-2)

Welter: Darren Tetley (20-1) vs. Samuel Antwi (12-1)

20th February

Las Vegas, NV, USA:

Super Feather: Miguel Berchelt (37-1) vs. Oscar Valdez (28-0). Berchelt defends WBO title in all-Mexican duel

Middle: Esquiva Falcao (27-0) vs. Artur Akavov (20-3)

Super Feather: Gabriel Flores Jr (19-0) vs. Jayson Velez (29-7-1)

London, England:

Welter: David Avanesyan (26-3-1) vs. Josh Kelly (10-0-1) Avanesyan defending the European title

Super Light: Robbie Davies Jr (20-2) vs. Gabriel Valenzuela (22-2-1)

Feather: Jordan Gill (25-1-0) vs. Cesar Juarez (25-9)

Uncasville, CT, USA:

Welter: Adrien Broner (33-4-1) vs. Jovanie Santiago (14-0-1)

Heavy: Otto Wallin (21-1) Vs. Dominic Breazeale (20-2)

Super Light: Robert Easter Jr (22-1-1) vs. Ryan Martin (24-1)

Bantam: Rau’shee Warren (17-3) W Sharone Carter (12-3)

Super Light: Zachary Ochoa (21-1) vs. Juan Jose Velasco (22-2)

Santa Fe, Argentina:

Super Light: Gustavo Lemos (25-0) vs. Demian Fernandez (13-2)

Binan City, Philippines:

Minimumweight: Robert Paradero (18-0) vs. Vic Saludar (20-4) Vacant WBO title

Krasnogorsk, Russia:

Super Middle: Fedor Chudinov (23-2) vs. Isaac Chilemba (26-7-2)

Miami, FL, USA:

Welter: Harold Calderon (23-0) vs. Jonathan Eniz (25-14-1)

Middle: Kanat Islam (27-0) vs. Obodai Sai (35-3-1)




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The best punch trackers on the market